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Welcome to Savannah, Georgia's First City, a historic city with a revered past, a vibrant present and an exciting future. Savannah has an atmosphere and charm fostered by residents who have cherished and preserved its past. Our love of history is embodied in the beautifully restored homes, churches and public buildings that grace the city's unique, tree-filled squares, and that affection has given rise to a tourism industry that's boomed dramatically since the mid-90s.

Energized by the upsurge in tourism and other positive economic factors, we have entered the 21st century in the enviable position of being able to use our past to enhance our present and future. Our Landmark Historic District is in the midst of a commercial revitalization that is spreading to the midtown Victorian District and spilling over into the eastside islands, the fast-growing Southside and the industrialized areas west of Savannah.

Savannah is not only a top tourist destination but also an ideal city for business or family. Our diverse economy forms a strong business and employment base ranging from manufacturing to distribution, from tourism to military, from healthcare to port operations and retail sectors.

Savannah is home to Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart military bases. Combined the two bases employee more than 42,000 people and generate an annual direct federal expenditure of $1.4 billion dollars. We support our military through various councils.

As Savannah flourishes with an assorted economy, our need for a trained workforce rises.

From the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce web site.

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