Georgia Regional Hospital
at Savannah 

"Patient Satisfaction & Community Integration"


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To provide the Southeast Region of Georgia with consistent quality intensive services in a therapeutic setting targeted toward Mental Health and Developmental Disability needs, helping people reach their highest potential.


Community Integration and Patient Satisfaction”


  • All staff are competent, sensitive and committed, and are expected to conduct  themselves in a professional and caring manner.  

  • Clients’ and families’ opinions and involvement are valued.  

  • Services are continuously evaluated and improved, and best practices are continuously sought and implemented.  

  • Understanding and acceptance of persons with mental illness and   developmental disability are promoted.  

  • People are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.  

  • Diversity is valued and celebrated.  

  • Clients and families have choices in the services they receive.  

  • People are provided opportunities to learn and grow.  

  • Resources are managed efficiently.

Georgia Department of Human Resources
Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases