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DHR is kicking off the "Right Work, Right Way" Employee Incentive Program.  As a part of our Customer Service Improvement roll out, Commissioner Walker created the "Right Work, Right Way" Program to award those DHR employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in customer service.  Winners will receive $100.00 for their good deeds and will have, in some way, made DHR services faster, friendlier and/or easier.  All nomination forms and letters must be submitted to your respective "Right Work, Right" Champion no later than Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nomination Form
Nomination Criteria

To find out more about the "Right Work, Right Way" Program and the name of your Division/Office Champion, please go to the employee Intranet, Inside DHR, by clicking on this link  Please remember to type in your username and password for Intranet access.**



GRH-S and Employee Health presents
A Better You
A Healthier You
A Happier You

October 1, 2006 started our Employee Health Program.  Many of us have high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight management problems.  Small steps take now will make a major difference in how you feel tomorrow.
Please come join us, and watch exciting things happen!

This new program is offering:

  • Gym and Weight Room Access

  • Belly Dancing Classes with Esther Burns

  • Nutrition Programs

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Weekly Weigh-ins

For more info please contact Employee Health at 356-2575.

Ethics Forum -
If an ethical issue or question arises and you or your legal representative desires assistance from the Ethics Forum, please submit your concerns.  More Info



Georgia Department of Human Resources
Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases