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Adult Acute Care  
The Adult Acute Care Unit has 33 beds for short term care.  The treatment team is interdisciplinary with emphasis on the provision of stabilization, treatment, and discharge.  Adult Acute Care is located in building 6.

Secure Care
The Secure Care Unit is a medium security unit serving clients involved with the criminal justice system.  The unit has 34 beds and is located in building 4.

Recovery Care
The Recovery Care Unit has 34 beds with rehabilitation as its chief focus.  The unit serves clients who need to acquire or improve both coping and living skills in order to function outside the hospital.  The unit is located in building 5.

Child and Adolescent 
The Child and Adolescent Unit has 14 beds to meet the needs of children and adolescents who require hospitalization due to behavior and emotional disorders.  Treatment is performed by a multi-disciplinary treatment team and a behavior point system is utilized.  The Child and Adolescent unit is located in building 10. 

ICF/MR (Palmetto Place) 
Palmetto Place serves persons who are developmentally disabled.  The unit has 20 beds and focuses on habilitation of its clients.  ICF/MR (Palmetto Place) is located in building 2.


Georgia Department of Human Resources
Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases